That awkward moment when you dream of a friend that has never been in any of your dreams before…wasn’t a bad one but still lol



    reblogging solely for the last one tho

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    Everyone says chimpanzees are our closest living relative but I’m fairly certain these lovable fucks are mine

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    Have you ever…

    had one guy or girl just feed you bullshit the whole time? Do and say anything to get you to like them. I’ve almost believed this guy for a few days now until yesterday. I’ve known him a while and liked him at one time. But seriously girls and guys never let your shield start to come down because in the end you are either going to be pissed off, hurt, or just feel plain stupid. I am a little angry but I am done…Not falling for that shit again, going to stop myself before anything goes wrong. Not going down that path again…considering I almost did go down it again. Good thing I caught it before it expanded into something more and got hurt…again.

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